Supporting sustainable urban development in Cao Lanh

Cao Lanh 2010 / Vietnam
Professionnal workshop
28 May 2010 / 13 June 2010

Following a first vietnamese experience of an Ateliers Session in October 2007, which was held in An Giang, in the province of Mekong Delta, the neighbour province of Dong Thap has decided to consult Les Ateliers, in order to organize a session during 2009 about the provinces’ urban plannig.

The province is, indeed, faced to a country-broad rise in population, which is accompanying the economic growth, especially in urban area. According to the 2006-2010 plan, the economic growth will be of an average 11%/year, of which 17 % for the industrial sector, and 12.9% for the service sector.

Cao Lanh is the capital of the province of Dong Thap, located in the Mekong Delta. Its two main economic strength come from its exceptional natural assets: fish farming and rice cultivation, bothenabled by the Mekong river. The province has also begun to develop industries and construction.

This economic development triggers a high population growth. The current population of the town of Cao Lanh is 172 000 inhabitants with a growth rate of 2.34% per year. It should reach in 2020 a population of 217 000 inhabitants, i.e. 45 000 additional inhabitants. To cope with this economic and demographic development, Cao Lanh needs to consider extension zones and improve the equipment of the existing city. It aims to meet in 2020 the urban criteria allowing it to rise to the level 2 in the hierarchy of Vietnamese cities. The purpose of the workshop is to make urban planning proposals for sustainable urban development.


Pilotes : Nelly Barbieri - Architecte-Urban planner & Quoc-Bao Truong - Architect-Urban planner

Decision Board : Corinne Lamarque - Urban planner & Gilles Hubert - Urban planner


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