News of the Ateliers

1 March 2013

Nouveaux documents disponibles

Retrouvez en téléchargement les derniers documents parus:
▸ Synthèse de l’atelier de Puebla, Mexique, de juin 2012
▸ Version finale du cahier de session de Thiès, Sénégal, d’octobre 2012
▸ Version finale du cahier de session de Naya Raipur, Inde, décembre 2012

About us

Les Ateliers – international workshops of planning and urban design – is a non-profit organization aiming at developing the collective creation of ideas that tackle the challenges and processes of everyday city planning and design. We have been organizing for 30 years workshops allowing to bring a fresh look on urban issues, to vary scales, to forget administrative boundaries, to rethink territories.

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