Bangkok, the River City

Bangkok 2008 / Thailand
Professionnal workshop
31 May 2008 / 13 June 2008

Bangkok is maybe the only one among great metroplole, which has not undertaken yet to create (or re-create) a great river frontage and a more fruitful connection to its river. Local authorities wish to open the city to the river, and, at large, optimize and dynamise the hydraulic network.

Les Ateliers of Cergy Pontoise were embedded to monitor a spatial reflexion about the subject, using their own methodology

A "reflexion", since there is no will to compete with the city’s administartion, or with urban planning agencies, which would have much more time than the 12 days given to the experience.
"Spatial", because the expectation are in the realm of urban planing, and not of urban policies in the realms of population, water management, transportation, traffic, etc.
The workshop took place in Bangkok from the 31tst of May to the 13th of June 2008. 3 teams of 7 participants have been working during these two weeks, and their ppropositions are presented in the "Session Book", that you can download on this page. A synthesis of our conclusions has also been written eventually.


Pilot : Claude Prelorenzo
accompagné de Bertrand Warnier

Assistant-pilots :
Sofia Teman
Worabhan Prachyabrued (Moss)
Tatporn Bornbianlerdskul (Pim)


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