Designing an Eco-City

Hu Lu Dao 2009 / China
Professionnal workshop
14 March 2009 / 28 March 2009

This was the 3rd workshop organized in China, and it ended on the 27th of March 2009, with the presentation of the work of the iteams to an international juryh, which had been gathered especially for this occasion. The idea was to define an approach of the conception, planification and urban design, that could integrate sustainability and limits the consumption of energy.

The "Environment & Energy" team of the Post-Master Les Mines-Tsinghua-ParisTech first presented an environmental analysis of the area, and made propositions about urban systems functionment : water, energy, waste, health, ecosystems.

The "Urban Morphology" team of Cornell University presented its research work on theoric models of urban networks and urban forms.

Then the 3 international teams of urban planing presented their propositions for the development of an ecocity in the given area : istrategy of itegration to the rest of the city, regional positionning and urban marketing, definition of the functions and of the programation, urban forms, urban network, density, mobility, and urban systems.

A synthesis is beeing prepared, but you already can download here the "Session Book", which sums up all productions of the workshop.


Scientific Direction :
Serge Salat, CSTB,
Wu Zhiqiang, Dean of Tongji CAUP.

Pilotage :
Ken Tani, architecte-urbaniste,
Nicolas Détrie, directeur of Les Ateliers.

Assistants :
Romain Fayoux
Claire Vigé-Hélié
Yao Chen
Jessie Shen


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