Metropolitan development and territorial solidarities

Vitoria 2009 / Brazil
Professionnal workshop
17 October 2009 / 31 October 2009


Through a program of launched by French urban collectivities called "decentralized cooperation", the City of Vitória, and the Urban Comunity of Dunkerque, have set up a program of refelxion about urban questions. In order to open a debate and to launch new ideas about the urban problematics in Vitória, they asked Les Ateliers to organise a professionnal workshop of urban planning in Vitória. This workshop is part of the events organised to celebrate the "Year of France in Brasil".


To accompany and prepare the future development of the city of Victoria, it appears necessary to re-think the idea of solidarity between the different urban areas of this metropolitan region, through a better balance of the traffic points, of the creation of profit, and of the "living points" of the city.

The area of study is located on both sides of the two bridges (Cinco pontes et Segunda ponte) of the bay of Vitoria, to the junction of the cities of Vitoria, Cariacica, and Vila Velha, with a special focus on the Portal Sul area, which is the historical center of the city.

▸ Strengthening the links and articulations between both siedes of the bay.

▸ Equilibrating logistic and harbour activities with new urban mutations.

▸ Improving the offer and the quality of housing and "living" spaces

▸ Working on the protection and the integration of fragile natural spaces into the urban network.

▸ Diversifying the economic ressources and the economic network.


Pilot : Christian Horn, architect and urban planer, member of the Scientific Orientation Comitee.

Local person in charge : Claudio Zanotelli, professeur of Geography in the Federal University of Vitoria.


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