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The students and young professionnals workshops last 3 to 4 weeks involving thirty participants who work as part of international and multi-disciplinary teams. The work of each team is guided and informed by meetings and forums with professionals. Every topic is chosen and prepared in collaboration with the local authorities.

A direct contribution to reality

Our belief is that the boldness and the creativity shown by the students and young professionals during the workshops can be a valuable addition to the local authority’s strategies and their spatial development programs. Therefore, the workshops are not research labs or university-like summer schools. When the international jury takes place, the proposals are directly presented to local decision-makers.

30 years along, Cergy’s summer workshops

At first, Cergy’s summer workshops were a prospective tool for the New Town, and for Paris Region’s planning authorities. They laid the ground for new operations, shook things up and helped to gain a new perspective on the current urban planning concepts. Then, chosen topics on different sites focused on larger planning and regional development issues, in the Paris Region.
Today, in partnership with various institutions, complex and intersecting topics are at the centre of Cergy’s summer workshops, such as the metropolitan landscape or the rural/urban interface. Participating in this workshop provides eligibility for a university degree from the University of Cergy-Pontoise (12 UCTS credits).

Irkutsk and Porto Novo

Cergy’s workshops are an inspiration for our partners and we wish to develop other permanent cycles of student workshops.
Today, Irkutsk’s sessions are held in the State’s Technical University, and have been since 1999. The West-African workshops are led by the mayor of Porto-Novo’s (the capital city of Benin) since 2010.

Why should you participate?

  • Exchange, and propose ideas to local representatives and actors responsible for spatial development.
  • Gain international and multi-disciplinary experience.
  • Opportunity to receive a diploma.
  • Become a part of Les Ateliers’ international network and get the opportunity to work as an assistant on a professional workshop.
  • Participate in a rare, creative and often unforgettable experience.

The Jury

The jury of a student / young professional workshop gathers officials from the area, university lecturers, experienced professionals, and elected representatives from different countries and cultural backgrounds. When the jury deliberates it considers the meaning and value of the proposals, with a vote establishing a final ranking.

How to participate?

The workshops welcome students from all educational backgrounds. The selection of participants is based upon their application form.
Participation fees: 100 to 300 euros.

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