The River, Future of a Territory

Cergy 2009 / France
Student Workshop
22 August 2009 / 19 September 2009

The 27th Summer Session of Les Ateliers will focus on the river territory, with the objective to place the river at the heart of development strategy.

Several large French and European riverside cities have launched projects in order to reclaim former areas of river
port activities and thus to enhance the unique potential afforded by the river. The river as a medium for development has revived the issue of urban and environmental enhancement at the municipal level. Here we will look at the river beyond its own antagonisms. This is why the issue and the comprehension of the risks - prevention and development - must now be at the very heart of the development strategy for rivers and their surroundings.

Renewed interest in inland navigation also implies a “democratization” of the river, the river banks, and water-related leisure activities. Port activities are essential for the sustainable development of the Ile-de-France Region. The alteration of the river territory must be achieved through reappropriation as well as through many
different uses. Future strategy will not advocate the relocation of some activities that are not considered desirable, but will instead anticipate and endeavour to integrate them wherever they may be.


Decision Board :

Valérie Constanty, IAURIF

François Bonis, Regional Council Ile-de-France

Patrick Chaimovitch,

Sophie Dumas, EPA Marne Seine Aval

Gilles Hubert, University of Cergy-Pontoise

Benoit Vernière, EPA Orly Rungis Seine Amont, Membre of the Scientific Orientation Comitee (COS) of Les Ateliers

Pilote : Delphine Baldé, architecte-urbaniste, Membre of COS Ateliers


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