Life in metropolitan areas in the 21st century

Paris-Region 2018 / France
Student Workshop
3 September 2018 / 28 September 2018

The 36th urban workshop of Les Ateliers will take place from the 3rd to the 28th September, 2018.

The topic will be: « What will life be like in 21st century metropolis ? ».

This workshop will focus on the evolution of lifestyles and uses in great metropolises.

Les Ateliers is inviting you to explore the way our cities will evolve in the mid and long term in an ambitious workshop. Agriculture, working conditions and jobs, transportation, digital transition : everything surrounding us is changing. Moreover, we have the feeling that everything gets disrupted, with the climate in first place. These evolutions are questioning our current conceptions and is strongly telling us to start thinking and planning tomorrow’s life.

Thus, the topics of gigantism, technological revolutions, or climate change in the cities will be will be the gateways to answer to our topic : What will life be like in the 21st century metropolis ?

Urban planner, architect, sociologist, political scientist, landscape architect, geographer, economist, artist, engineer, etc etc ?

Curious, inventive, creative, with a good team-spirit and autonomous ?

You wish to live a uncommon work experience, with exceptional team thinking and warmth that gathers young professionnal of the whole world ?



Twenty-one international participants with diverse profiles will be selected to work in teams led by professionals, local actors and institutions.
The workshop is open to young professionals and students (Master’s level or above) of all nationalities and disciplines, such as urban planning, design, architecture, geography, engineering, photography, sociology, economics, landscape architecture, ecology, the arts, communication and so on.

Please read the workshop’s Workbook N°1 and Topic Document. Complete the registration form, which will be available on Les Ateliers’ website ( beginning 1 December 2017; and submit it, along with:
A CV/Resume of one to two pages maximum.
A short personal essay taking the workshop’s topic and applying it to another site, whether in the Paris metropolitan area or in the candidate’s home country. The purpose of this essay is for applicants to engage in a personal reflection on the themes being addressed prior to the workshop. The work is to be completed individually (3-4 pages in A4 format or 2 pages in A3 format).
Requirements Proficiency in English (must be able to work with an international team), full availability for the workshop dates, and an age limit of 30 years.
Requests for information and documentation
Deadline for applications 28 January 2018
Time and place The workshop will be held in Cergy-Pontoise from 3-28 September 2018.


The workshop is prepared collectively — through exchanges, debates and shared reflections, as well as through a series of public events organised on the subject — by a team of passionate members, experts and local professionals from the Île-de-France region.
20 November 2017: Global distribution of the call for applications to recruit twenty-one participants from a variety of disciplines/nationalities to participate in the workshop to be held in Cergy-Pontoise in September 2018.
28 January 2018: Deadline for workshop applications. Participant selections to be announced in February.
January - September 2018: Logistical organisation of trips, exchanges organised between participants and the pilot team through a digital exchange platform, development of research documents and reflections, and the publication of the Context Document or "Keys to the Territory" presenting the field of study in detail.
3 September - 28 September 2018: Workshop dates. Field immersion with visits and conferences, group work, exchange forums to discuss participants’ ideas and the international jury on Friday, 28 September.


Parrain de la session :
Bertrand Warnier - Fondateur des ateliers, Urbaniste
Pilotes :
Solenne Sari - Architecte, Urbaniste
Jean-Michel Vincent - Ingénieur, Urbaniste
Cheffe de projet :
Véronique Valenzuela - Géographe
Assistant-Pilote :
Simon Brochard - Géographe, urbaniste, historien


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