Rethinking the heavy infrastructures in the urban landscape

Cergy 2008 / France
Student Workshop
23 August 2008 / 19 September 2008

Highway across the city : the example of Cergy-Pontoise :

The heavy transportation infrastructures, which have been built since the 60’s are know rejected by the nearby urban areas.

What used to be a symbol of modernity « high speed, fluidity, efficiency », now embodies « urban cut, pollution, noise pollution, saturation of th traffic, waste of space, and urban spreading ». Everywhere in Europe, the whole concept of "circulation" has to be rethink.

Through the study of Cergy-Pontoise’s crossing, the 2008 session offers to young urbanists, engineers, architects, economists and landscape designers, to rethink the design and the role of heavy infrastructures in the urban landscape : questionning the "object", and its uses ; imagining its possible transformation in order to adapt it to new transportation needs, while taking into account its articulation to the crossed territories, and respecting sustainable development objectives.


Pilots :
▸ Michel Jaouen, architect and urban planner
▸ Marie Basile, doctor in urban planning
▸ Luc Rimbault, engineer and urban planner

Assistant-pilots :
▸ Sabrina Beniddir, architect
▸ Serhat Celep, urban planner
▸ Fu Paulo, architect

Experts :
▸ Christophe Bayle, architect and urban planner
▸ Chakib Benramdane, architect and urban planner
▸ Rémi Masson, architect and urban planner

Permanent team of Les Ateliers :
▸ Nicolas Détrie, Director
▸ Vigdis Flaten, Communication


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