Strategy and urban projects for Porto-Novo's city-centre?

Porto-Novo 2011 / Benin
Student Workshop
23 July 2011 / 13 August 2011

The Subject

Controling the massive amount of land lots in the West area of the city-centre will allow Porto-Novo to elaborate and apply an important city project in order to improve and guide its economic dynamism, all the while controlling its urban development.

This session’s goal, after presenting a sustainable and global urban vision of the city centre’s future, is to elaborate a consistent strategy for the Western area whose main characteristic is the former colonial urban fabric, then to imagine a first realization within the frame of a planning project for the entrance of the city, between the bridge over the lagoon and the Bayol square, a strategic location inside the capital.

What modern city-center can we imagine in order to fulfill the economic development’s needs, all the while respecting the heritage and the historical urban landscape?

The main goals are:

▸ to answer the city’s expectations by proposing an ambitious planning project and a modernization of the city-centre of Benin’s capital city.

▸ to re-value the assets and the existing infrastructures taking advantage of the land opportunities.

▸ to respect the historical urban landscape

▸ to design attractive public areas

▸ to propose a planning project for a genuine entrance to the city at the exit of the bridge.


Joint management of the workshop by Porto Novo’s muncipality and Les Ateliers’s team.


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