The southern Paris region as a laboratory for localising the energy, ecological, urban and rural transition

Ile de France 2014 / France
Student Workshop
1 September 2014 / 26 September 2014

Everybody recognises that there is an urgent need to organise the energy transition!

We have seen a whole series of initiatives to achieve this. They involve significant changes in a wide variety of areas ranging from food supply to consumption and energy production, thereby questioning the development of our towns and cities.

For its 32nd summer session, the Ateliers invite you to find out how a large area (the southern Paris region), which has been dependent on easy access to fossil sources of energy, can shape and implement its own transition. You will be invited to imagine the ways and means of changing our towns, cities and regions to make them more energy-efficient, smarter, more pleasant and more welcoming.

This 32nd summer session of the Ateliers will take place from 1st to the 26th September 2014.

The workshop is open to young professionals and students of all nationalities with at least a Master level.

The video below was made by Anita Molinero and Michel Blazy, the two artists of this session.


The workshop will take place from September 1st to September 26th, 2014. It is open to young professionals and students of all nationalities with at least a Master level.

Fluency in English is required. All nationalities and fields of work are welcome: architects, geographers, economists, landscape architects, engineers, artists, sociologists, agronomists, environmentalists…
The call for applications is open and downloadable on our website – applications will be accepted until 20 May 2014. To apply, it is necessary to send a CV, the information form available on our website and a personal research work (focusing on the topic of the workshop, applied to another site, preferably in the home country or country of residence of the candidate). The goal of this research is to show a personal position of the topic prior to the workshop and should be prepared on a individual basis (8 pages A4 or 4 pages A3 maximum). These items should be sent at the following address:
The results of the selection will be announced early June.

Registration fees are of 300 euros and cover educational support, visits, accommodation, some meals, university degree from the University of Cergy-Pontoise. They do not cover transportation costs, which are borne by the participants.


▸ Autumn-Winter 2013: mobilisation of partners of les Ateliers within a monitoring committee, with input from a scientific committee.
⁃ January 2014 : publication of the topic document, including a problem statement and the launch of the international call for applications
▸ 20 May 2014 : deadline for application to participate
▸ Spring 2014 : Development of the detailed program of the workshop and the context document (to be used as a reference by the participants)
▸ 1-16 September, 2014 : workshop for students and young professionals, during four weeks


Baptiste Durand, pilot
Benoit Vernière, pilot
Jean-Michel Vincent, pilot
Lorraine Peynichou, pilot-assistant


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