Thiès, "Crossroads town"

Thiès 2012 / Senegal
Professionnal workshop
20 October 2012 / 3 November 2012

Working out a sustainable development strategy and restoring the various environmental balances to promote the development of the Thiès Senegalese potential in new regional balances amid an urban expansion territory through a shared qualitative common project meeting the local and global issues.

The Thiès region is on the border of the Dakar metropolis, which is gathering 30% of the national population, representing more than 70% of the country’s economy, on about 0.33% of the Senegal territory. This high concentration presents unfettered occupations and a lack of infrastructures to meet the needs of its inhabitants. On top of that, there are environmental issues related to the management of the natural resources. Dakar must find more space. The construction of the new international airport in Diass reestablishes the consistency of the Dakar/Mbour/Thiès triangle. Thus, the city of Thiès can be a balanced territory due to its proximity with Dakar as well as with its position as a crossroads city.

Articulating the management of the natural resources - for example the management of water - with the land management, allows us to initiate a sustainable planning approach. In order to reverse the current spatial mismatch phenomenon, Thiès has got an important environmental, cultural and economic part to play, despite the constraints it faces. That is why the mayor of the city of Thiès, concerned about acquiring a better mastery of its development, has asked to les Ateliers to think about the role of the city at a national scale, and the issues it infers locally.


June, 25th : Call for application

July, 19th: deadline to apply

July, 27th: results of the selection

October, 1st: analysis file released

Octobre, 20th: Workshop starts

November 1-2-3: Jury of the workshop


Pilots: Luc Raimbault, Delphine Baldé
Assistant-pilot : Therese WADE and
Referent for les Ateliers: Antoine Plane
Referent for the Municipality of Thiès: M. Hamet Tidiane THIAW
Referent for the municipality of Cergy : Elise Garcia


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