A transborder coastal city

Dunkirk 2010 / France
Professionnal workshop
3 July 2010 / 17 July 2010

In 2008, the President of the urban community in Dunkirk, France and Vitoria’s mayor in Brazil, have called upon the French association «Les Ateliers - International Workshops of Planning and Urban Design» to schedule a double session based on the theme of regional solidarities and urban development. A first session occurred on that occasion in Vitoria, Brazil at the fall 2009, and was followed by a participation in the worldwide urban forum held in Rio in March 2010. The second one will be held this summer in Dunkirk, in the logic of the considerations carried out on the theme of a balanced development for harbour cities and their future, especially in the perspective of harbour economic evolution, initiating wealth and unsteadiness on the territory.

The synergies Harbour-City, triggering off local wealth, indeed scope a wide range of investigations to be explored in more qualitative perspectives : international business relationships, cultural exchanges, migratory phenomena, synergy with the hinterland (territory of mining passageways located in the metropolis of Lille), the maritime imaginary....


Pilote : Florence Bougnoux, architect-urbanist, member of Les Ateliers.
Scientific Committee from Ateliers : Jean-Michel Guénod, Nicolas Samsoen, Christian Horn, Nicolas Détrie.


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